RS Valkyrie's Return Celebration:Up to 9% off legit runescap

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RS Valkyrie's Return Celebration:Up to 9% off legit runescap

Message par boluo524 » 23 Janvier 2019, 06:29

Why do you suddenly draw the line at emblems?None, but only because they have no incentive to rs gold bot them. Raptor mobs are for xp, not profit, so there no incentive to do them. But saying they unbottable is retarded. Most bots run around with SGS for that same 6 7m price tag you can get twin weapons and a vamp scrim with some money leftover.
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P2P also opens up more NPC shops, so you can do some quests earlier than you would be able to on F2P if you were an ironman account. IE doric quest would require 15 mining for iron ore, but if you p2p you can just buy ores at blast furnace shop.And back in the day fangs were such a huge loss, a guy on this sub said he alch his dyed t90s if they ever became a profit outside of alching them for 5k.
Updates happened and now fang is the best and the other two are shit.And he actually had to alch them.Wait for another update. All it takes is jagex making 2h range good and bows will go up while ascs drop, etc.Staff is a different story, because SOS is a direct upgrade in every single aspect. Scythe has halberd range over ZGS, and Nox has the ability to use arrows vs SGB being ammoless.
How come bots are able to get 120+ def/range at asc dg before even getting banned then? Or bots getting 120+ combats at spiritual warriors/mages/black demons/ etc?None of those are considered high level slayer mobs. I talking about mobs with mechanics like the raptors mobs, grove creatures, gemstone dragons, corrupted creatures, or soul devourers.
And then that adds more incentive for people to go kill them? Just like people kill green dragon bots and use porters to bank the hides.This does not address the problem that those ill gotten mysterious emblems should not have been in the game in the first place. The wealth just changes hands, not being destroyed, similar to the problem with cursed wisp bots.
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Re: RS Valkyrie's Return Celebration:Up to 9% off legit rune

Message par Katherine M » 22 Juin 2019, 18:32

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